Artist approach

The sound art I produce is a result of combining several disciplines I'm working in. Besides being a musical composer and musician I also work as a sound designer, recording engineer and for the last several years I have been focusing on the art of field recording.

Field recording means an endless source of inspiration to me. Just listening with attention to the world around me is a great joy that can give me the same level of emotion some music does. Even more, many ordinary sounds are a form of music to me cause they often contain rhythm and melody. You only have to hear it!

The field recordings I make are published in several ways. Sometimes as a sound clip, just the sound as it is. Without any artificial manipulation, only some rough editing and/or sonic adjustments.

Another approach are soundscapes. These can be soundwalks (acoustic impressions of a certain geographic area, like a nature reserve or part of a city), sonic explorations of buildings (like museums, churches and even bridges) or machines of all kind.

In addition to these sound clips and soundscapes I use my field recording material to compose music. Instead of recording instruments I use the recordings I make in the field, and let them be the instruments. This is done by placing them in a multi-track environment and arranging them in a certain order, creating loops, changing pitches and using sound effects like delays or echoes. This often leads to very surprising results.

I also use sounds for live performances. These performances are improvisations where I use sound samples combined with several sound objects, instruments and sometimes vocals. The audience gets treated on a kind of a sound sphere that is never the same. They can even participate in creating sounds. Depending on the situation and location, these performances are solo, or together with other artists.